Loyd International, Inc.

Loyd International, Inc. (Loyd) started as a procurement agency for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in 1974. Foreign entities that requested aid from the United States would be referred to Loyd for procurement services. Loyd would meet in-country with those requesting aid and determine what commodities or equipment was required and would then create the bid requests from U.S. companies to fulfill those requirements. After Loyd would determine which company would provide the product or services, they would contract with that company on behalf of USAID and would handle the shipping requirements to get the product to the various end users.

Loyd has exported commodities, equipment and services to many countries in East, West, and Sub-Sahara Africa, Philippines, Korea (North and South), Central and South America, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran and Eastern Europe including Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Turkmenistan. Many of these countries required Loyd to obtain specific licenses to export or import into those countries. Loyd has obtained licenses to do business in countries that are under embargo or were in a high risk area. For example, Loyd provided spare parts for oil and gas operations to Iran during embargo years to Halliburton under license from the U.S. government.
Some of the commodities, equipment, and services exported by Loyd include food, cement, metals, construction materials, medical supplies and equipment, computers, radio equipment, telecommunication equipment, trucks, and oil field services and supplies. Later Loyd provided similar services for United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and CROWN ASIA.  
Based on the experience working for these various government agencies, Loyd has diversified its business dealings as a trader for commodities and services between many foreign governments and private enterprises on a global basis. Loyd is licensed to do business with HUD, FDIC and the U.S. State Department.