Loyd Capital Partners-A, L.P. is a fund that seeks investment opportunities that build superior long term value for its investors while managing risk and maintaining the tenets of the various programs in which it participates.

  • Loyd Capital seeks to maximize values for¬†investors by employing a disciplined underwriting and due diligence process and identifying the appropriate workout, restructuring, asset management and exit strategies to achieve the highest risk adjusted return.
  • Residential Real Estate resolution and workout strategies include loan modification programs, special servicing and other initiatives focused on maximizing the cash flow and value of the assets while complying with the HAMP Guidelines or FDIC loan modification program.¬†
  • Commercial Real Estate strategies will focus on maximizing cash flow and value through mitigating risk, financial restructurings, property and asset management and other initiatives aimed at increasing the underlying property value.

Loyd Capital Partners